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Timberlake is going to make a crappy baseball movie

Timberlake to star in baseball movie

The new star of the Corpus Christi Hooks minor league baseball team wants some playing tips. Justin Timberlake will portray fictional Hooks player Carlton Garrett in the upcoming movie "The Open Road." The 27-year-old pop star tried to meet with players of the Houston Astros' Double-A team in Austin recently, but schedules didn't align.

You know me, I think Mary Steenburgen can do no wrong, but I'm not sure how she's going to rescue this movie with the 'Lake acting.  The Open Road's plot is described as follows:
Movie centers on the adult son of a baseball legend who, together with his girlfriend, embarks on a road trip with his estranged father.

I can't wait for the MLB endorsements that he'll be a part of.