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Tony Gwynn answers some tough questions

Union-Tribune Staff Writer Kirk Kenney conducted an awesome interview with Tony Gwynn.  He really stuck him with some tough questions and to Tony's credit he answered all of them really well.  Tony fully admits that things have not gone well but he thinks the team is improving.

Here's an example of one of the questions that all SDSU fans have been wondering about:

Q. When you look at USD's program, it isn't blessed with the facilities that SDSU has, it doesn't have the name recognition SDSU has and it doesn't have a coach who's in the Hall of Fame. Yet the program has climbed into the national rankings. What is USD doing that SDSU needs to be doing?

I bet Tony winced when he was asked that question.

Or maybe this one:

Q. If you were the consummate student of hitting, why is it that SDSU is not one of the top hitting programs in the country?

This isn't one of those interviews where they wash Tony's balls and talk about how great he was with the Padres.  This looks at his shortcomings as a college head coach.  It's terrific!  Well done Kirky Kenney, way to needle a San Diego legend!

I'm pretty sure the first Aztec home game is this coming Friday, go out and support Coach Gwynn.