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We have lots of pitchers

From the latest Krasovic. All my emphasis:

"We could put together four rotations in the minors that you might think are as good as any in baseball for their level," said Grady Fuson, vice president of scouting and development. "It's the first time since I've been here where we're sitting here across our (organizational) board and going, 'Wow, how do I get this guy innings?' We may even go to an eight-man rotation in (low-Single-A) Ft. Wayne."
Yeah. You could put together eight-man rotations, or you could trade the excess commodities for value. WTF are we doing with all these extra pitchers!? We can't move anybody for an outfielder or two? We're converting RoY candidates from their natural positions and creating eight-man rotations!? TRADE SOME DUDES.
Petco Park's firm, even surface factored into Jim Edmonds' decision to OK the December transfer to San Diego. "It's going to be better for my legs," the center fielder said.
Score one for Luke Yoder.
Pitcher Mark Prior turned down a larger guaranteed salary from the Houston Astros...
Score one for the San Diego Discount