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The Padres will carry 12 pitchers

Ahhh mid-February... That magical time of year when pitchers and catchers report and then nothing interesting happens for a while, leaving everyone to wonder why they care so much that pitchers and catchers have reported.

As an example, the hot news today? The Padres will carry 12 pitchers. Booooorrrring.

I know that somebody will make a case for why carrying 12 pitchers will impact the strategy for the Padres, but seriously, that somebody won't really believe it.

Here's how I revolutionize baseball... Limit the number of substitutions to 5 a game, kinda like in soccer. If you make it to extra innings, you're allowed one more substitution for each extra half inning you play. Five should honestly be plenty. I wish baseball would change rules as often as football does. I'd love to see this sort of thing tried out, but I know it won't happen.