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Gaslamp Ball in the batting cages

Jon, Kev and I went to the batting cages a couple weeks back and I was taking some video so we could break down our swings. I wanted to study each and every frame but decided against it. I thought instead that I would just put some footage together with a bit of music. I couldn't think of what the perfect music would be. That was until Jon and I found ourselves in Arby's and this song came on the muzak system. Jon just started giggling when I told him my plans.

Here's some eye candy for the ladies on Valentines Day:

If anybody wants to break down Jon's swing, feel free. If you're like Dex and you can't tell if Jon is hitting the ball, here's the trick: If Jon looks a little bit cocky, he hit the ball. If he misses then he hops up in the air and looks like he's going to throw the bat.