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Open Thread: Another congressional hearing

I got my breakfast sammich. I got my coffee. I'm sitting in front of the big TV. I have no idea how Clemens is going to get out of this not looking like a substance abuser. I've never been a Clemens fan. I've always thought he was an angry, abrasive individual and the fans of his teams apparently took that for "heart" and "fire". Turns out it may have actually been "roid rage" and "hormonal imbalance". I don't get how there was ever any doubt that Clemens would take stuff to get better. This is a dude who put Icy Hot on his nuts. Who even knows why he would do something like that? This is a dude who threw the sharpened end of a broken bat at Mike Piazza. Why would he do that? Clemens doesn't have any loyalty to anybody. He's a mercenary player who forced teams to work by his schedule and his rules because somebody nicknamed him the "Rocket".

Therefore, as a sports fan, I'm eagerly anticipating Clemens getting taken down. That feeling will be torn by my feeling as a human being that this is a really sad situation where a guy so longed for fame and fortune that he resorted to unsavory measures and has now deluded himself into believing his tangled fabrication.

Overall though, I'm hoping Clemens gets his due and joins the pile of Hall of Fame also-rans.

Update [2008-2-13 9:51:30 by Dex]: If you're looking to watch, I know it's on ESPN and ESPN News. There's also a webcast here.

Update [2008-2-13 10:8:43 by Dex]: OH SNAP! It's become an Open Thread. Is anybody else watching this? Am I the only one? Why is McNamee actually carrying a syringe? Why is Rocket wearing a mitt? This is a f_ckin' circus!