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Bad Time for Baseball

Jeter is saying that this is a bad time for the game.  I disagree.  This is the best!  This is a time where we are getting entertainment on and off the field. I'm sure it sucks for the players, after years of being considered gods among men, they are getting their comeuppance, but it's great for the fans. They cheated, they lied and tried to pull the focus away from the game and onto their individual records and celebrity, but now when they are being shown in a negative light they want the focus back on the game. They can't have it both ways!

Baseball is entertainment and part of the fun of baseball is the story.  Would you care about Major League Baseball if it didn't have such a storied history?  Baseball games wouldn't be as fun if we didn't know the stories behind the players and the teams.  People are fascinated by the way athletes live their lives. There have always been villains in baseball, now we get to see our heroes turning into the villains, you can't ask for a better plot line. Especially when it's guys that you always suspected of being a villain, even when they were being celebrated as heroes.

Now at least we're finding out all the secrets, this is better than an episode of Lost. Nobody is leading us on. We're finding out that criminal activity involves the biggest names in the game and probably even goes straight to the top, Bud Selig.

I'd rather have the truth come out now and tear down all these baseball "heroes", than have a bunch of phonies blowing smoke up my ass. That's a weird saying blowing smoke up someone's ass.  Urban Dictionary, one of the great resources of the modern era, tells us how it originated.

Originated from a 16th century technique to determine death by literally blowing tobacco smoke into someone's anus (through a long pipe) - where a reaction indicated that the person was still alive.

Who decided that blowing smoke in someone's anus was the best way to figure out if they were alive or not? I'll tell you who, some perv. So do you inhale from your regular tobacco pipe then blow into another long straight pipe with one end in the mouth and the other in the anus? How do you remember which end that you had in your mouth the next time you test someone. People weren't very sanitary back in the 16th century. I hope the perv that invented this method got his mouth on the wrong end. Actually, I don't. That would probably just turn that perv on. F'n pervs. I digress...

Anyway, unfortunately we live in an era now where we love tearing down our idols by dissecting everything they do and casting judgment on them.  The gossip columns destroy Hollywood royalty every day by spreading rumor, cruelly critiquing them and posting unflattering pictures.

I admit that Gaslamp Ball dabbles in this sort of thing time to time, but I don't think we try to tear people down but maybe make people question why we put these athletes on a pedestal in the first place. After all, most athletes are just quirky people that live really uncommon lives and sometimes they are the hero and sometimes they are the goat. I'd prefer to see them how they are instead of their glorified alter egos that appear in the press, it makes the games more interesting.