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Gaslamp Ball Mail Bag

We actually don't get much mail. This came through the wire last night though:

First, great site you have. I was just curious if you could recommend 2-3 Padres blogs you think are the best that have at least a portion that talk about the minors, which would they be?


I know. I know. Gaslamp Ball's minor league coverage is sporadic at best. That being said, it's a question that allows us to throw some links around.
  • Ducksnorts is always a good time for general Padres coverage and Geoff's Minor League coverage is enhanced with regular updates by Peter Friberg.

  • Friar Forecast provides really solid dedicated baseball analysis as well and is in the middle of doing some prospect analysis.

  • And finally, we'll just throw the Padre Blog sites out there for everyone's preseason perusal
There's lots of sites up on PadreBlogs now that are pretty active. We like to take a little bit of the credit for that. I'm almost positive people stumbled through Gaslamp Ball, took half a look around and said, "Jeez. If these two and a half nincompoops can write a blog, I totally can." So, thank Gaslamp Ball's semi-high profile randomness for getting more Padres bloggers out there. You're welcome.

The other piece of mail actually showed up on BallHype, was written by Geoff over at Ducksnorts, and wasn't really directed at us, but I'm going to answer it.
My question is this: Why do people in other parts of the country keep trying to make Barry Bonds an object of the Padres' interest when everyone in San Diego (including the folks who make decisions about these things) dismissed the notion months ago?
Lazy reporters look up Barry Bonds "stats" and see that he hit more home runs against the Padres (in Qualcomm) than anywhere else and say, "Hmmmm... Barry Bonds hits homers... He's hit lots of them in San Diego... He should play there!"

I also like to think that there's a subversive thing going on where if, through the power of telepathic and journalistic suggestion, they put Barry closer to the Mexican border, he'll be more tempted to take a few illict trips to Mexico for things that will make for more juicy news stories. Yes. I know that's a f_cking fantastic pun. And yes. You can use that with your friends later.