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HGH Links

  • What do you think? Is Johnny Damon's Wife on the HGH? You better study these pictures of her in a bikini, really hard, to know for sure. Jim Caple wants George Mitchell to start an investigation of all Swim Suit models because of the claim that Debbie Clemens used the HGH.
  • Did John Rocker just out A-Rod as a steroid user?  I read the AP article on CNN this morning and now it's gone.  Conspiracy?  I thought they would have made a bigger deal out of it.
    Rocker said that doctors from management and the players' association, following a spring training talk with the Texas Rangers about steroids and other topics, pulled himself, A-Rod, Rafael Palmeiro and Ivan Rodriguez aside. Rocker was with the Rangers in 2002.

    "Look guys, if you take one kind of steroid, you don't triple stack them and take them 10 months out of the year like Lyle Alzado did," Rocker said the doctors told them. "If you do it responsibly, it's not going to hurt you."

  • Analyzing Roger Clemens: A Step-by-Step Guide.  I needed a third bullet point and thenerdhater sent me this link where statistics prove that Clemens is a cheater.  I didn't actually read the article since stats bore me but I assume that's what it's saying.  Let me know if that's the case, if you can stay awake.