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Is Prior a Problem? Not for the Padres.

Bitter Cubs Fan still angry with Prior.  Here's what we know about Mark Prior after reading this article:  He's soft.  He doesn't play well with others.  He's always hurt.  He makes his own time schedules for rehabbing.  He wastes tens of millions of dollars and pitches poorly or doesn't pitch at all.  The Padres are finally getting a taste of the frustration the Cubs felt, because Prior's agent is balking at the May 1 date that Kevin Towers suggested for his come back.

The Pads are only paying Prior $1 million which is pretty much nothing.  We're also not staking our success on him.  If he doesn't work out, oh well, no big deal.  Here's the thing Cubs fan, we will never be as frustrated and bitter as you.  We are certainly not already freaking out about his progress when Spring Training hasn't even started yet.  Prior pitching well this season will obviously benefit the Padres, but it will be so fun to see Cubs fans getting checked into mental hospitals if he does.  Let us take care of Prior, you guys should focus on your mental stability.