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Now when you're hit by a broken bat it will have a serial number on it

Upgraded bats to be used by MLB in 2009

Sandy Alderson and his posse of nerds came up with nine recommendations for bat manufacturers.  The article doesn't actually tell us what the recommendations are but we can guess that Alderson suggested playing with younger bats that are less expensive.  The Padres are taking it a step further and using players that can't make contact thus cutting down on bats being broken.

Don't worry if a bat does break it will have a serial number on it.  Ah the sweet cushioning protection of a serial number. 

The bats will also have an ink marking.  Gaslamp Ball has an exclusive look at the planned ink marking.

Among the committee's findings were that maple bats were three times as likely to break in multiple places as their ash counterparts. Experts insist both types of wood should break at a closer rate — and the slope of the grain is one of the primary contributors to breakage.

More studying of bats next season.