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Bud Black is optimistic that Hoffman will return to the Padres

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I'm pessimistic that the Padres Front Office is ever even going to call Hoffman. Can Bud Black's intuition be trusted?

Black: Hoffman could return to SD

"Maybe I'm too much of an optimist. I think he can come back. I don't think that bridge has been knocked down," Black said

Meanwhile it's been over a month and the Padres have yet to talk to Hoffman at all.  Alderson said last week that he will contact Hoffman directly, presumably using a telephone device.  I'm not sure what he's waiting for.  Bite the bullet already!  These people are driving me crazy. 

Who's in charge here?  The ones who can't make a telephone call?  I can't wait until the next Sandy Alderson Report on Mighty XX when they ask him for the tenth time if he's called Hoffman yet.

[Note by jbox, 12/08/08 11:01 PM PST ]


"I hate to tie the two together," he [KT] added, "but from a financial standpoint, it could impact it a little bit. I say that carefully because I know how Trevor feels about Jake and how Jake feels about Trevor."