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Maddux and Henderson should go straight into the Hall of Fame

I'm a very impatient person and love me some Greg Maddux.  I'm thinking the Hall of Fame needs a rule change.  I can't possibly wait 5 years for his induction, I just can't do it!  I won't do it!

Here's my idea:

The Veterans committee should be allowed to take a vote and waive the 5 year waiting period for certain players. If passed then they become eligible on the very next ballot.

See everybody likes it!  Save the five year waiting period for Barry Bonds so that history can judge him properly.  We don't need a waiting period for Greg Maddux or Rickey Henderson.

Maybe we make a caveat to the rule and say that the player has to enter the Hall of Fame as a member of the team that he started his last season with.  Hey look at that Greg Maddux is going to wear a Padres cap on his plaque.  Wow I wasn't even thinking about that when I added that part of the rule.  Amazing!

Hmm, now I just need to think of a rule that forces Rickey Henderson into the HoF as a Padre.

Seriously though....Let's do it.