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Moving Khalil was for the best

The Padres cannot afford to get a bad deal for Peavy.  Adrian Gonzalez and Peavy are the only Padres that have any value.

Peavy's no trade clause and Moores' order to reduce payroll to $40 million has left the Padres with absolutely no leverage in a trade.  By trading Khalil the Padres can start the season with Peavy and then hope to trade him to a contending club in desperate need of an ace before the trade deadline. 

It's better that the Padres buy some time and get rid of Khalil so they can make a suitable trade for Peavy, but make no mistake they will trade Peavy.  Don't think for a second that by trading Khalil that Peavy will remain a Padre through 2009.

Sure they sold low on Khalil but it's better than selling low on Peavy.  I believe the Padres did the right thing.

Khalil needs a change of scenery and he desperately needs to hit in a smaller park in front of a fan base that hasn't soured on him. Hell, even our front office soured on him. 

I know I certainly need a change. I can't watch him anymore, it's too frustrating.  Khalil has done what he has always done, but once where it was charming and new, it's become old and tiresome.  I say, "out with the old and in with the new".  We'll be fine without his glove, I'm convinced of that.

It's funny reading around the St. Louis blogs and seeing comments about their fans saying "Hey he looks like Spicoli" and just when it was dying out in San Diego, Khalil has to deal with it all over again.  It makes me laugh.