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Alderson: Padres knew about Giles incident in 2006

I was sitting in my car waiting to hear this last week but had to go just as it started so I missed it.  XX Sports Radio finally put up the 12/23 Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • The Yankees have been spending money like crazy for the last 20 years, we shouldn't be surprised by their signing four of the highest paid players in the game.
  • Scott Boras can be a pain in the butt like most people.  Boras does what he's supposed to do for those he represents.  He's a barracuda, he goes after the money.
  • The market for Manny Ramirez is thin.  Alderson guesses he'll be back in LA with the Dodgers.  If he's not getting an offer from the Yankees or Red Sox then the market really becomes thin.
  • Alderson doesn't think Brewers had any chance to keep Sabathia.
  • The opening pitcher for the Padres "is probably Jake Peavy".
  • Alderson and the Padres organization knew about the Giles incident in 2006 shortly after it happened.  That was the only incident that the Padres knew about before the complaint was filed.  "At some point we will probably sit down with Giles and talk about that, but at this point it would be a little bit premature.  We're very happy that he came out with a statement, we felt he needed to do that."
  • Have the Padres talked to Trevor Hoffman?  "Not recently no"
  • Alderson isn't commenting on the host changes on XX Sports Radio.
  • Jody Gerut is probably the Centerfielder.  The Padres are better off in centerfield then they were last year.