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Miss California Pad Squad Carrie interviewed by La Jolla Light

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Athletic and feminine: Miss California is both

It seems that Gaslamp Baller Pad Squad Carrie received some handsome rewards for her Miss California win recently.  She was awarded a $4000 diamond necklace, a sash, a crown and maybe the best of all Gaslamp Ball hanging on her every word.

In her interview she tells us that it's okay for girls to be tomboys and that you can be both beautiful and athletic.  Where did she learn that?  Sporty Spice?  No, actually she is a an athlete herself, as a softball player and a star basketball player at her high school. 

I'm going to openly challenge Carrie to a game of one on one basketball here in this public forum.  If I win, I get the crown, the sash and the bragging rights.  If she wins I will escort her to the Miss USA pageant in April as her official chaperon and wear a tie... of her choice!

How has winning the title changed you?
There are days I wake up and have self doubt, but then I think, "I'm Miss California and there's a reason for that." While the title adds confidence, it really hasn't changed me as a person, but it's given me opportunities I may never have had.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning out of a dream and it takes me a few minutes to realize that I'm not Miss California, so I know how that feels.

[Note by jbox, 12/31/08 11:08 AM PST ]

I kind of forgot that Pad Squad Carrie is not the only Pad Squadder to become Miss California.  I wonder which annoying baseball player Carrie will end up marrying?