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Alderson promises to contact Hoffman directly

XX Sports Radio: Sandy Alderson Report

  • Alderson made "back channel efforts" to contact Trevor and they were not successful.  When questioned once again by Darren Smith why someone didn't just call Hoffman, Alderson says that his point is well taken and "more direct efforts have been made and will be made."
  • There isn't anything "hot and heavy" with Peavy talks
  • Since the Braves are going to make a rather substantial deal to A.J. Burnett, then the Peavy trade to the Atlanta would be less likely to happen.
  • The Padres are not in the market for a veteran second basemen.
  • The Front Office is focused on the Rule V draft.  The Pads will draft at least one player and it'll be bullpen pitching.
  • Alderson had lunch with Tony Gwynn today.  Gwynn is looking forward to Rickey Henderson's Hall of Fame speech.  Tony says Henderson was one of his best teammates.
  • Alderson shares a story about how Rickey didn't cash a substantial check because he was waiting for interest rates to go up.