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Brian Giles categorically denies the abuse allegations. Categorically. Categorically? Categorically.

NBC San Diego points us to a statement released by Brian Giles and his attorney. Somehow, I don't think that Brian Giles actually talks this way:

There are two sides to every story and I am eager to tell mine. I ask that everyone withhold judgment until I have a chance to tell my side of the story.

I categorically deny each and every allegation of the complaint for palimony. This is all about money. The marriage never took place because the plaintiff changed her mind about a premarital agreement. The statement that I promised before the marriage to divide my property to the plaintiff if we ever separated or died is nonsense.

I categorically deny the allegation that I perpetrated a continuing course of domestic violence on the plaintiff. There was an incident in Phoenix which I regret. I want the team and the fans of baseball to know that I am sorry it happened. I addressed the problem and the case was dismissed by the court. At no time did I hit, kick, or push the plaintiff so that it caused her to miscarry.

I look forward to spring training for 2009. My focus will be baseball just as it has been throughout my entire career.

Brian Giles

My favorite part: "At no time did I hit, kick, or push the plaintiff so that it caused her to miscarry."

Well, I guess that's something.