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Giles' lawyer plans to fight lawsuit, Giles to speak as soon as Tuesday

PADRES: Lawyer says Giles will fight lawsuit

"There's a very genuine defense here," Scott said. "Unfortunately, there's this one incident in Arizona, and Brian dealt with it like a man. He wasn't convicted. It was dismissed by the court. That's the high and low of it. ...

"(Olvera) is very nasty and very aggressive. Witnesses saw her hitting him and pulling his hair. We have documented evidence and a lot of nasty voice mails."

He may have taken responsibility after the fact but nothing Brian did that night was man like. From the rumors I've heard it might be easy to make a case that everybody involved in this lawsuit might be out of their f'n minds, but taking 30 days of anger management does not nullify a beating of your girlfriend.

"It's up to Brian to comment, but that's something that's in Brian's best interest," Alderson said Monday.

The Padres really need to take a much tougher stance on this whole situation.  I'd start with a 30-day suspension for conduct unbecoming of a Padre and then depending on what they know about the actual facts behind the case then decide whether or not to void his contract, because if half the stuff is true in the lawsuit he really shouldn't be associated with the team.