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Previous abuse case was dropped against Giles after Anger Management

Giles already entered a plea bargain and underwent anger management in response to the abuse inflicted on his ex-girlfriend back in 2006.

Giles, 37, was required to complete anger-management counseling as part of the deal in exchange for the case being dropped, said John Tutelman of the Phoenix city attorney's office. After his counseling was completed, the case was dropped this past February.

Like many abused women his ex-girlfriend didn't want to press charges and wouldn't cooperate with police.

"I wish you guys wouldn't do anything about it,"

I'm really surprised that this was kept hidden from the press for so long. I wonder if the Padres knew? If it was a misdemeanor then he may not have to report it to his employer.

Apparently this was the criminal case that people were wondering about. Now he just faces the civil suit.

[Note by jbox, 12/19/08 9:31 AM PST ]

As of now the Padres haven't taken any action against Giles, but Alderson did release a statement that the Padres do not condone abuse and violence.

Tim Sullivan believes Giles needs to speak up about the charges soon. He also thinks the chances of the Padres dropping Giles contract would be remote.

Should club management decide Giles has violated baseball's Uniform Player's Contract; that he has failed, refused or neglected, “to conform his personal conduct to the standards of good citizenship and good sportsmanship,” it could consider terminating his contract and signing Hoffman with some of the money saved from Giles' $9 million salary.