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Just chattin' with Tom Krasovic

Tom Krasovic Chat

I was just chatting with with Tom Krasovic on, I was trying to come up with some really great Padres questions but instead these came out.

Why is it so hard for the Front Office to communicate with Hoffman?

Tom Krasovic:  You would think it would be a lot easier for the two sides to get along. This is the second time that negotiations have been messy. Everyone has suffered as a result --  in no particular order,  Alderson, Hoffman, Moores,  the agent, Towers.    None of them have  come off  well.  Again, it's still possible that Hoffman will return. In Hoffman's defense, this isn't the first time that a SDP player has been miffed with the FO's communication or lack of communication. Brocail and Blum -- two highly respected players by their peers -- had similar issues last offseason.

Who's the straightest shooter within the Padres organization? Who do you like to talk to, to find out the real scoop?

Tom Krasovic:  Peavy speaks his mind. Hoffman is very sharp about baseball. Adrian Gonzalez is smart and honest. Towers is as candid as any GM. Black is great at talking about baseball. He isn't real quotable but is astute about pitching.

Do you think the Moores would consider passing ownership of the Padres to their daughter so that it wouldn't have to be divided and sold?

Tom Krasovic:  Doubt it would be that simple but Moores has said he wants her to inherit the franchise. Whether that's still practical appears to be in serious doubt.