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Alderson: Future possibility he'll put a group together to buy the Padres

Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • Sandy Alderson is asked if he is going to put a group together to purchase the Padres.  He says "The immediate answer is no... at some point down the road if that possibility develops we'll see what happens.  At this point that would be a conflict on my part and my responsibilities to the Moores family"
  • John Moores wants to stay involved for at least the next two or three years.  Is a buyer willing to put money into a ball club for a minority interest when they won't have any decision making ability?  It may be acceptable if there is a period of transition where the buyer will ultimately gain control. 
  • The Padres are not actively shopping Jake Peavy but some club could regroup and try to come after him again. The Padres will announce in mid January if Peavy will stay and close the door on potential deals.
  • Alderson hasn't had any dialouge with Trevor Hoffman's agent.  He doesn't know if Towers has had contact.  However very mysteriously he says there has been some communication since the original break down.  Alderson is not terribly confident that Hoffman will return but there is still a possibility.
  • The Padres were quite happy with Luis Rodriguez last season.  The Padres will continue to look for infielders and possibily even move Rodriguez to second base.  They are always looking for pitching.
  • Daniel Cabrera will be looked at as a possible pitcher.
  • The toughest question from Season Ticket Holders last night was "What can we expect in 2009?".  Alderson's answer was that the Padres spent a good deal of money for players last season who didn't perform and to fans should be optomistic about the young players on the team.