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Brian Giles caught on tape allegedly beating ex-girlfriend

Brian Giles was caught on surveillance video allegedly pulling the hair of his ex-girlfriend and knocking her to the ground. That's definitely Giles. I'd recognize him anywhere. He's so screwed.


The video allegedly shows Brian Giles walking into a bar in Arizona, approaching his ex-girlfriend pulling her hair and then walking out through curtains at the bar exit. You can then see the ex-girlfriend falling to the ground though the opening in the curtains. Later a bar patron is seen acting out the violent act while describing it to others.

NBC San Diego 7/39:

Olvera claims that in 2002, Giles beat her while she was pregnant with his baby. Olvera later miscarried. Goldstein said Olvera doesn't blame Giles for that miscarriage, but he said she does blame Giles for another miscarriage. He said that earlier this year, she became pregnant again with Giles' baby. According to Goldstein, Olvera lost the baby after Giles allegedly threw her down a hallway.

Brian Giles' current girlfriend Chanel St. James (google at your own risk) has also been caught on tape entertaining adult men.