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Padres players barely knew Moores; looking forward to new ownership

Past and present Padres players respond to the team's possible sale

Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell both seem to be looking forward to new Padres ownership. Both seem to think Moores was nice enough but they want an owner that will spend some money to build a good team. Adrian says this:

“But from a fan's perspective and as a member of the community, maybe it's in the best interests of the city for him to sell the Padres. The Padres need someone who is going to dedicate himself 100 percent to the team.

“This city deserves somebody who can bring it a championship, either the Padres or the Chargers, someone who can put a challenging team on the field every season.

As usual Kevin Kouzmanoff seems to be in the dark. Moores who?

“But personally, I didn't have that much contact with him. All I knew was the rumors I heard. Off that, I thought eventually something would happen.”

Bell sounds excited and even wants to bring Mark Cuban in to purchase the team.

Mark Cuban would be huge. Let's get him interested.

It doesn't sound like the Padres are too heart broken over Moores leaving. Tony Gwynn was the only person who seemed sad about the future sale. I was all ready to celebrate until Gwynn became the party pooper.

“Things aren't always what they seem. No one should celebrate this news. I think it's sad that it's turned out like this.”