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Padres may be only option for Hoffman

Club and closer still need each other, but can they mend the fences?

“There are still some moving pieces,” Padres CEO Sandy Alderson said as he left the meetings Wednesday. “It kind of depends on (Hoffman's) interest and what he finds elsewhere. From our standpoint, we'll see how things develop.”

Apparently the Dodgers, Cardinals, Angels and Mets have all lost interest in Hoffman.

I thought it odd yesterday that several news sources asked Alderson about Hoffman and he responded with "No comment".  Also in the Sandy Alderson Report on Mighty XX, he wasn't asked about Hoffman at all even though it's been the subject of every other interview.  Alderson always seems to have a comment.

I think the Padres and Hoffman may have agreed not to talk publicly at all until a decision is made one way or the other.  The only problem with this theory is that I don't believe Alderson can physically pick up a phone and call Trevor or his agent.  Prove me wrong Alderson!