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Peavy talks have collapsed!

Peavycubs_mediumPEAVY UPDATE: Talks collapse, Cubs pull out of Peavy discussions

9:57 a.m.: The Jake Peavy trade talks have collapsed.

Padres General Manager Kevin Towers said Cubs GM Jim Hendry told him this morning the deal will not happen.

Moments ago Kevin Towers and Jim Hendry announced that the Peavy deal is dead.

But he said Hendry told him the Cubs are "moving on to other things."

"If he wants to go somewhere else, we need to sit down as an organization and discuss if we want to go through this process again," Towers said.

The Padres have not decided whether to announce that Peavy will be with the Padres in 2009. It sounds like they are either going to try and revive talks with the Cubs or encourage Peavy to choose another team to be traded to.

This deal isn't over until you know what...

There! Maybe now it's over.