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Alderson: Peavy trade still possible even if agreement isn't made this week

Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • There is nothing happening at the Winter Meetings
  • You can't compete with the money the Yankees are spending.  "It looks a little obscene".
  • There has historically been a correlation between how much you spend and how much you win.
  • It's possible that other clubs may want to go after Peavy, but the Cubs are still the focus right now.  Things happen quickly this time of year (could have fooled me).
  • Alderson wouldn't agree Towers, that they sold low on Khalil.  Their were two possible deals and the one they took was far better.  The Padres were not ecstatic about the trade.  
  • There aren't many candidates inside the organization to replace Khalil besides Luis Rodriguez.
  • The Padres are signing for value rather than position.
  • The Padres don't have a plan for Clay Hensley.
  • If Jake Peavy is not traded by the end of the week that doesn't mean he will be a Padre next season.
  • Darren Smith didn't ask Alderson about Hoffman but he said the Padres have not contacted him yet.  The Angels are not interested in Hoffman.