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Hoffman and Alderson don't know how to use telephone

To surprise of no one, Padres decline to offer salary abitration to Hoffman

Said Hoffman Monday: “We haven't gotten any phone calls. We're more than willing to listen to anything out there. They're the ones that took the deal off the table. They're the ones that wanted to go a different direction. If they reach out and legitimately want to make a point of talking, they know how to get ahold of us.”

Okay, I don't want to call anyone a liar here, but these stories just are jiving, because last week Alderson said this:

"I have reached out through a number of sources to try and initiate some conversation with Trevor.  It hasn't been successful yet.  I remain open to it and I hope at some point he will as well.  That's kind of where that stands at the moment."

Why did Alderson need to go through sources?  Has Alderson tried to pick up the telephone and call Hoffman?  How about his agent?  These would be good sources.  I'll bet you Hoffman instead has gotten a ream of faxes.  Can someone just pick up the phone and use it already?  This is so ridiculous.  Why do the Padres have to be so annoying?!

Even though I'd like to know what would be said in that phone call, I'm not sure I could listen because it would be so awkward.

Maybe not quite as awkward as bumping into KT at a party;

Towers said he “bumped into” Hoffman at a social function Saturday. “We talked briefly; it was non-business,” Towers said.

Again, if these guys are such good friends how do they not talk candidly?

KT: "Hey Hoffy, you really left us hanging out there with our balls out in the wind"
Hoffy: "Hey KT, I haven't heard from you since you snaked my contract while on vacation"