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I'm sure Rickey will be inducted into the HOF as a Padre and other things

  • Friar John's blog tells us that Former Padre Eric Owens is now managing Single A in the 'cho for the Angels. Was he the fastest Padre player ever? I like to pretend he was. I remember Dex always telling me that he was half man - half animal, a Manimal! I presume the animal half was badger.
  • Ducksnorts details a list of infielders who pitched for the Padres over the years. I remember Ed Giavanola pitching like it was yesterday. I get giddy seeing non-pitchers pitch, the games already out of reach and it's fun to see how hitters usually can't hit them. I always wonder if a big leaguer could hit my 70mph fast balls since they are used to seeing 90mph. Once I throw my arm out after two pitches then my stuff would drop to the mid 50's and the hitters wouldn't know what to do.
  • Remember when a cupless Peavy was almost hit in in the junk earlier this year by a ball hit back at him? "Yeah, I know, I don't wear a cup. Guess I have to start wearing one," said the 26-year-old father of two young boys, ages 6 and 3. "But, hey, I'm done having kids." I wonder if he knew that his wife was pregnant at the time and would give birth six months later.
  • Speaking of The Hills... we weren't talking about The Hills? I saw Whitney this weekend in LA. Just walking past her I got caught up in the drama.
  • You know what make me happy? Scan calling out Gaslamp Ballers, it makes me giggle with delight.
  • I cannot wait for Rickey Henderson's speech when he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame ... as a PADRE! It will be nice that Vaughn will be inducted with him.