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Olney: "The Padres are being stripped down and prepared for sale"

Buster Olney: Dark Days ahead for San Diego

  • Olney compares the 2009 Padres to the 1993 Padres calling this off-season Fire Sale II.  The sequel is always the darker part of he trilogy.  Fire Sale II:  Dark Days Ahead.  That's scary rad.
  • Olney suggests that Peavy will be traded to the Braves for players including Gorkys Hernandez and Yunel Escobar before Thanksgiving.
  • Surprisingly  he says Giles will be convinced to waive his no-trade clause and sent packing this winter.  Wow, the relief of the Pads signing Giles only lasted two days.
  • Olney thinks the large pay cut offered to Hoffman was a polite way of nudging him out of San Diego.

The Padres are being stripped down and prepared for sale, like an old battleship taken down and sold for parts.