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Brian Giles: "It was a roller coaster ride the whole way"

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XX Sports Radio: Brian Giles

  • "I was straight today." Oh he's talking about his golf game.
  • Giles was at a Golf Tournament at Steele Canyon raising money for an old High School friend with health problems
  • Giles is happy.  The Padres still have an opportunity if they strengthen their bench and their bullpen because of how inconsistent the division is.
  • Giles comments on Peavy's trade.  Peavy is a great player, obviously you want him because he's an ace.  It's a business and seeing how things were handled with him [Giles] in August --but hopefully they can keep Jake. 
  • Boston isn't a good fit for Giles and there wouldn't be any playing time.  He wanted to finish the season strong and have a better chance in free agency.
  • Anybody would want to play in San Diego, not losing 99 games but he's glad to be in his hometown.
  • Giles is a 10/5 player now and he's happy to have the bargaining power.
  • Giles will play in any position as long as he can play and have fun.  He'll play anywhere that gives the team the best chance to win.
  • Giles didn't think much about free agency. 
  • "I'm eager to upgrade our team and put ourselves back in a position to win the division"
  • Getting the option picked up was a roller coaster ride the whole way.
  • Ryan Klesko is a big fan of Jim Lefebvre.  Uh oh.
  • "It's a business"
  • NASCAR  and Chargers talk