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Padres Links: Peavy trade, Hoffman talks, Vasgersian's replacement

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Towers: Peavy train out of SD has left the station

I don't know about you but this whole Peavy trade has gotten pretty confusing.  I just wish somebody could build on the train analogy...

"We're not in control of the speed or the train," Peavy's agent, Barry Axelrod, said in a telephone interview. "The only thing we've got is a brake."

Peavy throws a curveball into Padres' trade talks with Braves

Peavy doesn't want the Padres to get Escobar if he is traded to the Braves.  Peavy is just making so many friends in San Diego right now.

“Escobar's a pretty good player,” Axelrod said. “To be honest, Jake and I have said, 'If that kind of trade gets made, who plays short for them?'”

Cubs make bold move in Peavy sweepstakes

I don't know about you but this does not sound like enough.

The Padres have asked the Cubs for right-hander Jeff Samardzija as the headliner of a package that could include outfielder Felix Pie, pitcher Sean Marshall and infielder Ronny Cedeno. Other potential pieces, another source said, were pitcher Kevin Hart and minor-league pitcher Donnie Veal.

Hoffman wants to talk to Moores before deciding on Padres' offer

“Trevor would like to talk to them about the direction of the team and whatever his role is,” said Hoffman's longtime agent, Rick Thurman.

The direction?  They are going to tell you they are going with a youth movement in order to be better in a few years, that will be long after you're gone, so don't worry about that. Your role?  Closer. 

Towers said that he and Alderson would meet with Trevor but that Moores' would likely be out of town.  You know how every evil dictator on the planet has doubles to fill in for him, that's what Moores should get. 

Speaking of doubles, the search for Vasgersian's replacement has started:

“I don't want to replicate Matt; I don't think we're going to be able to, frankly,” Nichols said. “And I don't want to set myself up for those horrible comparisons. It's going to be those things plus somebody who has their own style, their own unique personality and whatever comes with that.

Also Giles' option is supposedly going to be picked up today so we'll await news of that.