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Being a fan: Loyalty to the players or the organization?

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What makes you a better fan?  Being loyal to the players on your team or looking out for the best interest of the ball club?  From what I've heard that's where most fans are having trouble with this Peavy trade. 

I usually just try to remain a fan of the current ball club and try not to get wrapped up in any group of players. However, I'm only a fan of the organizations on-field activity.  I'm certainly not a fan that is rooting for a teams financial well being by hoping they make a nice profit.  Let the team worry about that while I'm being entertained.

In any case certain players come along that transcend the organization and become the face of the team.  Gwynn is the best example but the issue arises when  dealing with Hoffman and Peavy right now.  Are we bad Padres fans if we want to see Hoffman signed to a short contract and Peavy traded in order for the club to get better or are we bad Padres fans because the club can't look towards a competitive future because we are too loyal to individual players?  Either way I feel like a bad Padres fan, because I'm really starting not to care either way.