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Towers and Peavy eager to get the deal done

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Peavy dance is still a slow one as Padres look for the right partner

“From my standpoint, I think, and probably from Jake's standpoint, the earlier we do something, the better,” Towers said Wednesday night. “He's got a better sense of preparing for where he may go. For us, we've got a better idea of what we're getting back so … we have an idea of which holes we've plugged and where our needs are instead of dragging this thing out having a lot of balls in the air.”

Is it getting hot in here?  Holes being plugged?  Dragging things out?  Balls in the air?  So graphic.

PADRES: Peavy derby starts to narrow

"We're probably a little further along with Jake than we are with Khalil," Towers said. "There's a couple of clubs on (Jake's) priority list we match up well with."

  • The NC Times says that the Peavy trade is in the advanced stages with both the Braves and the Cubs.
  • Giles' agent is prepared to market him as a Free Agent if things don't work out with the Padres.
  • If Hoffman passes on the Padres, the Indians are willing to look at him
  • Towers says they will probably move in the fences but not this year