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Sandy Alderson: "Fans are going to have to have some patience with us"

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XX Sports Radio: Sandy Alderson Report

  • Sandy Alderson explains Win Shares and VORP to the guys
  • Alderson thinks stats are important, because they are based on fairly detailed information that is recorded.
  • Rob Neyer didn't like Adrian's selection for Gold Glove
  • The voting system isn't perfect and talking about stats loses a lot of people.  The vote can become a popularity contest or a reward for guys based on past performance.
  • Free Agents may rush to sign deals because of Obama's tax plan.  Alderson thinks more may rush to get signed due to the economy rather than the tax situation.  He thinks the tax situation is more of a minor consideration.
  • As far as baseball teams are concerned they do not want to borrow money against future earnings.
  • Alderson denies that he is putting a group together to buy the San Diego Padres.  "No that's not true".  "Even if it were a consideration it would be very premature".
  • Scott Miller said the payroll is going to be less than $40m.  Alderson says he won't know exactly where it will be until the end of the year.  It's conceivable that it could be that low.  "It's still an unknown".
  • The Giles' option needs to be exercised by Saturday.  Barring something unforeseen, that option will probably be exercised on Friday.
  • Trevor hasn't accepted the contract he was offered.  Adlerson assumes there will be more conversations with Hoffman.  They hope he'll be back.
  • Alderson views Giles as an exceptional player.  He can be an example for the rest of the team.  What he brings to the team is beyond what he can do on the field, it speaks to the whole method of player development.
  • It's possible but unlikely that Peavy and Greene will be traded before the Winter Meetings.  He apologizes that he can't be more specific because it depends on other teams.
  • Alderson doesn't think the reports that Khalil turned down a 4 year deal are accurate.  They are going to try to get Khalil to go to a hitting camp with Jim Lefebvre.  Alderson isn't sure if Khalil will go, but hopes that Khalil will do it out of his own self interest.  Currently Khalil doesn't have an approach that he can fall back on for consistency.
  • "Fans are going to have to have some patience with us".  This is not a situation that is going to take 5 years to resolve.  There is no reason why they can't be back to where they were relatively soon.  The Padres are going to need a little more patience from fans than they had the last 2 or 3 years.