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Adrian Gonzalez wins Gold Glove!

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Let's all congratulate Adrian on winning the Gold Glove this year.I've seen those things in person and they look heavy. It's his first one and he becomes the 10th player in Padres history:

Gonzalez, the 10th Padre to win the award, joins the likes of Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, Dave Winfield and Ken Caminiti.

Gonzalez, who along with Philadelphia's Ryan Howard were the only National League players to appear in 162 games last season, tied with Houston's Lance Berkman and St. Louis' Albert Pujols for the best fielding percentage (.996) among NL first basemen.

I'm impressed. Granted, from the 30 or so games I managed to actually watch this season, he sure looked good, but I wasn't expecting recognition for the dude.

[Note by jbox, 11/05/08 2:36 PM PST ]  Maddux gets his 18th Gold Glove