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Kevin Towers: "Nice Shortstop but we want people that want to be Padres for a long time"

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XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview

  • Towers talks fantasy football.  Boooooring!
  • Towers plans on having some discussions about Peavy but doesn't anticipate making a deal in the next two or three days.
  • Peavy may look like a pretty good bargain with C.C. Sabathia possibly going for $30 million a year.
  • Towers mentions the teams in the hunt for Peavy:  Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers and Yankees.
  • Unless someone is willing to grossly overpay than Jake will be the Padres opening day pitcher.
  • Trading Peavy is only about improving the club it isn't about making Peavy happy by moving him to a competitive club.
  • Towers isn't opposed to dealing within the division, but he's got to trust himself to get a good deal.
  • Houston doesn't have the players to make the Padres better
  • No damage has been done between the relationship between the Padres and Peavy.
  • The decision is up to Peavy if he wants to stay or go.
  • The chances of signing Khalil Greene beyond this year are slim.
  •  "The way we look at it we took a run at him last winter we tried to sign Khalil for a three or four year deal and he had no interest in doing so.  We don't want ot be in the position here in a three or four months where we might not get anything for him. Nice shortstop but we want people that want to be Padres for a long time."
  • Scott questions whether Khalil wants to even be a baseball player.  Towers thinks Khalil enjoys the game but thinks Khalil would like to be closer to his South Carolina home. Khalil is a tough guy to read and he was frustrated a lot last year.
  • Towers hopes Meredith and Thatcher return to their success from the 2007 season.
  • Towers says the Padres plan on picking up Giles' option.
  • Towers hopes that Hoffman will be back, but it may take some time.  It's in Trevor's hands.  Towers doesn't want to get into the details of the contract because it hurts his bargaining power with other clubs.