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ESPN's Crasnick surveys baseball operations people on Peavy Trade

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Will the Padres Trade Jake Peavy?

Jerry Crasnick polled 15 general managers, assistant GMs and baseball operations people and scouts on this topic.

Responses: 13 say Peavy will be traded, 2 say no.

Possible destinations: Atlanta 9, Dodgers 1, St. Louis 1, Cubs 1. The other "yes" voter said the Padres will trade Peavy "to anyone who'll give them four prospects."

Anyone that will give them four prospects? Maybe this is why Towers said this yesterday:

“To me, it's quality, not quantity,” General Manager Kevin Towers said. “To me, any deal is going to be quality more than quantity. It can be two or three (players) if it's the right two or three.”

He doesn't want people to think that the Padres are the skanks of the MLB.