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Alderson is trying to communicate with Hoffman without success

Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • You'd think that the market for someone like Jake would be stronger, because of his reasonable contract and the outrageous asking prices by free agents.  Jake's no trade clause is  keeping other clubs away.
  • Alderson wouldn't rule either the Cubs or Braves out no matter what they might say.  A lot could happen in the next couple weeks.
  • Alderson wouldn't say Khalil is off the market, but Towers hasn't spent any time developing a trade for him.  His status hasn't changed as far as the Padres are concerned.
  • "I have reached out through a number of sources to try and initiate some conversation with Trevor.  It hasn't been successful yet.  I remain open to it and I hope at some point he will as well.  That's kind of where that stands at the moment."
  • Sandy wants to let Hoffman know he'd be happy to meet with him, make him fully understand the circumstances of the original offer, why it was withdrawn in the way it was and the prospects for going forward.
  • Neither Hoffman nor his agent has returned Alderson's phone call.