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Gaslamp Ball Dream Diary

Remember how in the past I've said that the two most boring things that a person can talk about are their fantasy teams and their dreams?  Get ready to be bored. 

I had a very realistic dream last night where Darren and Billy from XX Sports Radio asked if I wanted to go to Alderson's house for Thanksgiving for an exclusive interview.  It was really awkward.  I really think that listening to all of these Sandy Alderson reports on the radio are getting to me. His voice is decaying my soul.

I pretty much hung back as we walked around the grounds of Alderson's home.  I could tell that Alderson did not want me there and didn't have respect for bloggers (with good reason). 

At one point, Darren is telling Alderson that they need to make a movie about Alderson's baseball career.  Alderson was being all humble saying "No, no Darren, look I'm just a normal guy..." and I interrupted, "that's ridiculous, why would they ever make a movie about you?  It would be terrible."  Suddenly Alderson got all defensive and said "Why wouldn't they make a movie about me?  I revolutionized baseball!"

In any case I asked him a ton of questions and he had some pretty good answers, when I woke up I thought I should bullet point out our interview, but like what usually happens with dreams I forgot everything.  That would have been good to have an exclusive dream interview with a Padres executive.  No wonder Peter Gammons doesn't read this crap.

If I'm going to have Padres blogging dreams, why can't I have dreams about Miss California instead? Sigh.