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Pad Squad Carrie wins Miss California 2009

If the rumors are true then one of our own, Gaslamp Baller Pad Squad Carrie is now Miss California 2009.  The competition took place this weekend, but they don't have an official announcement up of the winner.



I wonder if she'll remain a Pad Squadder or if she's off to bigger and better things.  One would think that Miss California has a busy schedule of duties that just wouldn't fit in with Pad Squadding, but we know that Carrie loves her Padres, so anything is possible.  She may be the only reason to come to the park next season.  I'd ask her not to forget us, now that she's famous, but I'm sure she already has.

Next stop, Miss USA, Donald Trump and immortality!

Congrats Carrie!

[Note by jbox, 11/24/08 2:48 PM PST ]

It's official:





[Note by jbox, 11/25/08 11:10 AM PST ]

Gaslamp Ball Exclusive:  Pad Squad Carrie tells us she will return to the Pad Squad next season!  Hooray!

[Note by jbox, 12/10/08 1:04 PM PST ]

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