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Alderson wasn't aware of Kouzmanoff's shoulder issues until a couple weeks ago

Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • Alderson was at the owner's meeting and then a safety meeting about wooden bats.  There will be recommendations made about bats in the next few weeks.
  • Alderson wasn't aware that Kouzmanoff was having shoulder issues until a couple of weeks ago.
  • Everybody at the Padres believes Matt Bush has a Major League arm.  The Padres aren't about to give up on what they've seen of his "electric right arm"
  • Alderson says they made the offer to Hoffman in good faith and that they wanted him on the team.  Alderson still hopes they get a chance to talk to Hoffman.  "At this point he may not want to be back with us". 
  • Alderson continues to think that Hoffman pitched well enough to come back and play for the Padres.  Some of the 5 other people in the Front Office he consults with didn't feel as strongly as him.