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Padres want to blame the economy, when Moores' divorce should take credit

In recent Padres statements and Sandy Alderson interviews they've spent a lot of time trying to make fans believe that the economy is the reason why the payroll needs to be cut in half and why we need to get rid of Jake Peavy.  The economy is the reason to some extent, but it's Moores' divorce that is much more serious threat.

The thing is that the rumors of the Padres payroll cut happened before the economy took a nose dive.  I'm sure Moores lost a substantial amount of money due to the economy but he isn't going to lose half of his wealth like he will when his divorce is settled.

Every other club in the country is facing the same economic issues as the Padres but they aren't slashing payroll in half and selling off their Jake Peavy's.  Even though Peavy's contract is back loaded it still is a fair contract and something that the Padres should be able to afford, if it wasn't for Moores' divorce.

Owners aware of 'tumultuous' economy

"The economy has created some uncertainty for all of us, and we are working to ensure that support of the Padres as a season-ticket holder remains an affordable option," Padres CEO Sandy Alderson said. "We are constantly looking to add value to season-ticket packages and are glad to offer more options and flexibility for our most loyal fans."

I'm sure fans appreciate the Padres not raising ticket prices again, but honestly I don't think they would be able to after the horrific season and the plans they've made to cut ties with popular players.

Last night when Alderson told John Weisbarth that the economy and "other things" were to blame for tightening of the Padres belt, well that's true, but the "other thing" is the main reason it's John Moores' divorce.