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Peavy and Padres focus on Dodgers, Braves and Cubs

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In Peavy trade offers, quality is number one criteria for Towers

Towers declined to identify the three but said that “if any is willing to step up, there's a deal there.”

Even though Towers won't identify the teams, we know it's the Dodgers, Braves and Cubs.

“I'm not opposed to doing a three-way deal if necessary,” he said, “but dealing directly is definitely my preference.”

...with the Dodgers, Braves or Cubs.

PADRES: Peavy talk will rule at GM meetings

"There is no time restriction on moving Jake," Towers said. "We will act when we receive what we consider a very good baseball deal. If nothing presents itself that looks to be attractive to us, we will retain him for the 2009 season."

Maybe there is no time restriction, but every day that this goes on isn't doing the Padres or Peavy any good in the PR department. With Peavy talking about how much he likes the Dodgers or how much he'd like to play for his boyhood team, the Braves, he's burning good will... at least in my book.

You'd think that after the Padres lost 99 games that they hit rock bottom. I thought that once those horrible games stopped and given some time off, my love for the Padres would start to grow again. With the team looking to trade Peavy even if it is to get better in the future, it's hard being a Padres fan.

I get that it's all business, but trying to get fans to like your team and your star player is a big part of that business.