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Alderson: "Ironically I might be his biggest supporter"

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John Weisbarth finishes his interview with Sandy Alderson:

  • Two things have brought the Padres two where we are today:  Strategy and Development.
  • There won't be a cash infusion from Moores like there was in the last few years because of the economy and "other things". 
  • Alderson is very confident in the direction of the team
  • Decisions are made based mostly on baseball with some thought to the economy
  • The Padres will potentially lose 1 or 2 popular players
  • He knows that fans become attached to these players and he understands and respects that, but he has a responsibility to improve the team
  • Hoffman pitched well enough to come back and play for the Padres.  "Ironically I might be his biggest supporter."