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Scanlan talks about the state of the Padres

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XX Sports Radio: Bob Scanlan Interview (MP3)

  • Both sides are to blame for Hoffman's contract withdrawl.
  • Scanlan thinks both sides would say they would do things differently.  Towers was asked about this in his last radio interview and he wouldn't do things differently.
  • He does not think the deal is necessarily dead between Hoffman and the Padres
  • He questions the way Trevor's agent handled things
  • Trevor's agent made Hoffman look bad in the last negotiations as well
  • There is no reason why Trevor's agent should be involved in the meeting with Hoffman and Moores.  Scanlan understands why Hoffman wants to meet with Moores.  He wonders if Moores is embarrassed to meet with Hoffman because of the state of the organization and his personal problems.
  • High expectations of increased payroll and better players being brought to San Diego because of the construction of the ball park have soured the fans.  Whether the expectations were real or not is another arugment but they were not met.
  • There are ebb and flows on the field, in the Front Office and Ownership Groups.  We are witnessing the entire cycle from the time that Moores saved the Padres moving to another city, to a championship ball club and back to a transition period.  It's a tough time right now.
  • Pujols MVP talk.  Scanlan called it.
  • We are starting to see a resurgence of an appreciation of the smaller things in the game that are important.
  • General Baseball Talk