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Peavy would willingly be traded to as many as 13 teams

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Where are all of Peavy's suitors?

You think Peavy doesn't want to get the hell out of San Diego and off this sinking ship that is the Padres?  Think again.

Now we are told by Peavy's agent that those 5 teams that Peavy wanted to be traded to were "just a rough sketch" and that rule about him only wanting to play in the National League, well it was more of a "guideline" than a rule.  He says it's all negotiable.

"There are probably six or eight more teams we'd be willing to look at," Axelrod said. "The input we gave was to be cooperative and help them out."

Eight more teams plus the five that have already been mentioned that brings the total up to 13, almost half the teams in the Major Leagues.  Yeah Peavy wants out of San Diego bad.

Always helping those two, Peavy and Axelrod, a couple of helpful guys.

Axlerod thinks that the Braves are just posturing and I think he's just posturing pretending like there are other clubs that Peavy is interested in order to put pressure on the Braves.