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Giles thinks he's going to play for the Padres next season... how cute!

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Look at me I'm so jaded now.  I don't believe anything anybody tells me about the Padres unless it's really, really bad. 

The Padres are going to be competitive... ha!  The ballpark is going to fall into a giant sink hole... I knew it!  See what I'm saying.

Giles expect to start next season with the Padres despite rumors

Giles says he's going to play here, but then comments a little bit on Peavy and Hoffman.

“Obviously with the Peavy stuff and the Hoffy situation, those are two big pieces that we need and are going to miss if we don't retain them,” he said. “Hopefully, Peav is just talk, and hopefully they can find a way to get back to the negotiating table and we can keep Hoffy here.

“We'll have to see how it plays out. This whole division didn't look good last year.”

Then we read a little update on Peavy.  As you know, the Braves are not fans of offering no-trade clauses to players.  It's apparently against their policy.  Furthermore you might know that Peavy is dead set on getting a full no-trade clause where ever he plays next.

“If you're opposed to a no-trade, you're opposed to Jake Peavy, because he's going to have a full no-trade,” Axelrod said.

I have a question for Axelrod.  Is the reverse true?  If I'm opposed to Jake Peavy, am I also opposed to no-trade clauses?