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Sandy Alderson: "I'm not saying it was handled perfectly"

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Just caught John Weisbarth interviewing Sandy Alderson on the Channel 4 Postgame show.  The second half of the interview will be on tomorrow.  The interview was really short and Sandy was all smiles.  Here's what he had to say:

  • Sandy Alderson will not admit that we are in the middle of a fire sale.  Instead he says they have to make decisions on four popular players (Hoffman, Peavy, Khalil and Giles).
  • They offered Giles a contract for him to play, not to be traded.  Although he thinks Giles would be willing to be traded if things don't go well in the first half of 2009, unlike last season.
  • It wasn't one or the other between Peavy and Hoffman, but the decisions are all interrelated.
  • Negative media has made the situations harder.
  • Alderson said the reason they pulled Trevor's offer was because it had been sitting out there for almost 4 weeks.  "We can't leave an offer out there because of other financial considerations".
  • He admitted some fault in the Hoffman debacle:  "I'm not saying it was handled perfectly.  On the other hand these situations are hard to handle."
  • Khalil may or may not be with the Padres next season
  • Alderson spoke again about the 4 decisions they have to make.  "These situations aren't what anybody anticipated 2-3 months ago."
  • When Alderson signed on it wasn't with the stipulation that they'd have a $100 million payroll to work with.

You'll have to go over to the Postgame blog to see who Weisbarth blames for Hoffman scandal because I'm not going to tell you here....


(sigh) I'm terrible at keeping secrets.