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Kouzmanoff knifed in routine surgery

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Kouzmanoff given clean bill of health

"They didn't find anything ... there was nothing major [wrong] with the cuff. It was more of a cleaning out of the shoulder," Towers said. "Thankfully, it was nothing serious."

Towers said the shoulder had bothered Kouzmanoff toward "the end of the year."

Kouzmanoff undergoes surgery to resolve pain in right shoulder

“The rotator cuff and labrum looked fine,” Towers said. “If they would have found damage to the rotator cuff, he could have been out four or five months and missed the first two or three months of the season. But he should be able to go full bore in spring training.”

Even with Kouz's clean bill of health, nobody wants to him, except a rather large pool of groupies. The Twins however are not groupies and do not want him especially if they were to trade Delmon Young.

Fear not, Padres fans with both Kouz and Headley the Padres are prepared if Major League Baseball ever decides to install a second 3rd base bag.

Krasovic also says that Matt Bush and Cesar Carillo will be added to the 40 man roster, their elbows were left on the bench.